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Will I be able to import my broker's Bill / Contracts?

We have developed converters to read the pdf / html / csv / txt files for various brokers. If a converter for your brokers is already developed, then you can import the bills / contracts. Otherwise you will have send us a sample of the bills / contracts, so that we can write a convertor for your broker.

Will there be any training?

Yes, we will give you / your staff one-to-one training through remote control software. We will give 2~3 sessions for training.

Do you have trial version?

No, But we are offering a detailed demo, and subsequently you can use our software installed at our end over a remote control software. We will guide you while you are trying out our software.

Can you arrange for a Demo?

We will be glad to give you a detailed demo. We will give one-to-one demo, over internet. Please fill up the contact form with the request, so that we can get in touch with you.

I am confused on which XPAC variant I should go for, can you guide me?

Lite is for users with very few trades in a year, and who do not mind to manually enter the data.

Standard is for users who have trades in EQ segment. Data can be imported.

Pro is for users who trade in EQ and F&O segment. Data can be imported.

What is the difference between yearly and one-time payment?

The "yearly" are subscription type of offering. You pay annually for the use of the product. One-time payment are a non-exclusive perpetual use rights. Download the pricelist and detailed comparision chart for more details.

Can I upgrade to higher version at a later date?

Yes, you can upgrade to higher version by paying the difference in the prevailing price. Downgrade is not possible.

Can I convert from Yearly to One-time payment version?

Yes, If we receive the request with-in one month of the date of purchase. Taxes paid on yearly version will have to be borne by you.

Where is the data stored?

All data is stored on your harddisk. In case you do not wish to store data on your computer's harddisk, then you can also work with your data on a usb harddisk.

Can I work from home and office?

Yes, you will have to purchase two copies of XPAC, and you can store the data on USB harddisk. Or you may zip your data (from within XPAC) and email it to yourself, and restore the data at home, and vice-versa.

I want my CA to finalise my accounts, but he does not have XPAC.

We have a read-only version of XPAC, which will allow passing of JV and printing of all reports. Your CA will have to purchase this version.  Or alternatively you can allow him access to your PC with remote control software.

Do you customise the software?

No, But we are open to suggestions.