Portfolio Management and Accounting Software.

A "must have" software for Investors / Share Brokers / Investment Advisors & Chartered Accountants to manage and maintain investment portfolio

xPAC is a portfolio management software for investors in Indian stock markets. It helps to keep track of investments / trades in equity, mutual fund,  future & options, commodities & currency market segments. For investors it automatically segregate profits to longterm, shortterm, speculation, &  for traders it generates open position, mark-to-market, business profits. It also generates familywise reports. xPAC includes complete financial accounting, so it is easy to reconcile outstanding money position with broker and also reconcile banks. xPAC is onestop solution for investments and personal accounting. xPAC is complete package from trade transaction to balance sheet.

Features of xPAC

  • Maintain data for Cash / F&O / Mutual funds / Comodity / Currency segments
  • No Manual data entry or re-entry, lifts data from contracts / bills emailed by broker, or downloaded from broker website
  • Append data for multiple client codes (family members) for the whole year in one step. Takes less than 10 min.
  • Reports on Longterm, Shortterm, Speculation profits for investments and business proft, speculation for traders, with cutoff date, and posting into ledger
  • Includes accounting module (upto balance sheet)
  • Indexed profit calculation for IT submissions.
  • Freedom to override detault (FIFO)  longterm, shortterm calculations
  • Networth, Breakeven analysis, average rate, % yield, notional profits reports. Mark-to-Market report for F&O
  • Purchase / Sale register with days span for each profit booking for IT submission / scrunity
  • Includes interest calculator
  • Generates bank entries from bank statements
  • Familywise reports
  • Zoom-in features - Balance sheet to trade entry and edit any data.
  • Maintain unlimited number of portfolios*
  • Reports can be saved / emailed in PDF format
  • Reports can be exported to CSV / Excel format to pass on to your CA
  • Screen character size can be adjusted. (very useful for 40+ age group users)
  • Work in multiple portfolios simultaneously
  • Prints to all types of printers (Dot Matrix, Laser, Inkjet)
  • Data can also be kept on USB drive
  • Single and Lan Versions
  • Works on all versions of windows

xPAC Lite

Suitable for investors with few trades
Available as perpetual or subscription lic.
Rs. 5000 Perpetual Lic.
Rs. 2500 Yearly Subscription Lic.
  • Modules: Equity, Mutual Fund, Accounts
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Free Portfolios:50

xPAC Standard

Suitable for investors & share traders in equity

Rs. 7500 Perpetual Lic.
  • Modules: Equity, Mutual Fund, Share-Trading, Accounts
  • Import Data from Contracts/Bills/Banks
  • Free Portfolios:50

xPAC Pro

Suitable for trades in equity and F&O
Available as perpetual or subscription lic.
Rs. 9500 Perpetual Lic. 
Rs. 3500 Yearly Subscription Lic.
  • Modules: Equity, Mutual Fund, Share-Trading, F&O, Acounts
  • Import Data from Contracts/Bills/Banks
  • Free Portfolios: 50


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